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June 28, 2011
Some dentists leverage YouTube to increase profits.

NEW ALBANY, Indiana--A recentdevelopment in Web marketing—the use of videos—is the focus of The Dentists’ Strategy Guide to Video Marketing: How Really Smart Dentists Are Leveraging YouTube to Explode Their Profits Dominate the Web.

Written by SmartBox Web Marketing founder and CEO Colin Receveur, the book gives dentists insights on how to use video marketing to reach their target audience. It is the follow-up to Receveur’s special report, The Definitive Guide to Marketing for Dentists.

Receveur said, “Video is now a necessity rather than a luxury. Having a website simply isn’t enough anymore, not if you want to stand out among your competition.”

I am a dentist. Why should I bother with social media?

The key to video web marketing, acording to Receveur is YouTube and its two billion daily video views as announced by the website in April 2011.

When ZDNet exclaimed, “YouTube may be the fastest growing website ever!” in October 2006, YouTube had reached the 20 million users mark in just 16 months. Today, the site accounts for 40% of online video viewing sessions in the U.S., according to AOL’s Daily Finance.

YouTube, now owned by Google, says that more videos are uploaded to its site in a 60-day period than the three over-the-air broadcast networks have created in 60 years.

YouTube’s reach is not just limited to its site; millions of websites have a YouTube player embedded for easy accessibility. The growth of YouTube in just five years shows the appeal of videos and presents dentists with an opportunity to reach their target audience.

There is another advantage of using videos as part of a web marketing strategy—better web search rankings. In research conducted by the Forrester research group, Web pages that had videos were 53 times (5,300%) more likely to receive first-page organic rankings than text-only Web pages.

SmartBox Web Marketing's research shows the addition of video to websites increase website traffic by five to 10 times and attracts 200% more clients from website and web marketing. In addition, the research found that videos had other benefits as well.

Video marketing:
* Adds a personable feel. Consumers report that video greatly influences their decisions when it comes to choosing a local business or service.
* Adds a sense of believability and confidence. Conversion rates (the point where consumers actually pick up the phone and call for an appointment) go up as much as 90 to 230% when video is used in marketing.
* Allows you to reach your target demographic. Professional men and women, those with the ability to pay for services, rely on videos to help them make quicker purchasing decisions simply because they are pressed for time.

Launching a professional video marketing campaign is a specialty of SmartBox Web Marketing. Its video marketing campaign services include scriptwriting, production, and distribution (syndication to directories and promotion of video through YouTube, Vimeo and others).

SmartBox Web Marketing’s professional, broadcast-quality videos provide the keywords and phrases that put videos to the top of the search engines. These measures stimulate consumers “to take action and call your dental office,” Receveur said.

“There is no doubt that video is the format people pay attention to when they make decisions, setting emotional triggers into play that print or static text cannot achieve,” Receveur added. “YouTube has exploded in the last three to four years, and is the next logical step in the marketing evolution—newspaper, TV, website and now video. Videos allow advertisers to reach out and engage people by relaying sincerity and personality.

Dentists can purchase The Dentists’ Strategy Guide to Video Marketing: How Really Smart Dentists Are Leveraging YouTube to Explode Their Profits and Dominate the Web directly from SmartBox Web Marketing. The downloadable book is available for $49.97. If preordered before July 4, 2011, the book will be available for just $1. The free Definitive Guide to Marketing for Dentists is also available via the website.

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