Researcher wins grant

Dec. 22, 2011
Dr. Yin Xiao from Queensland University of Technology is the recipient of the 2011 Australian Dental Industry Association Research Grant.

The Australian Dental Industry Association has announced that Associate Professor Yin Xiao from Queensland University of Technology is the recipient of the 2011 ADIA Research Grant.

The $7,500 grant is bestowed by the Australian Dental Research Foundation on an annual basis using funds donated by ADIA.

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In his grant application, Dr. Yin said that the purpose of his research project is to assess the role of hedgehog signaling pathway on cementum repair and regeneration using a rat to model root wound healing.

“ADIA is pleased to support this research as it will potentially guide the development of novel treatment of periodontal regeneration,” saidTroy Williams, ADIA chief executive officer.

Dr Yin Xiao is a biomedical scientist, dentist and associate professor of medical engineering at QUT. As a leader of the bone tissue engineering group within the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, he has built up an active research program that focuses on finding solutions to bone defect healing, osteointegration of dental implants, boneregeneration, stem cell selection, and the treatment of osteoarthritis.

In conducting the research, Dr. Yin will be supported by Dr. Sarah Han, a PhD candidate at QUT.

ADIA is the national industry association representing suppliers of qualitydental product and was a joint partner in the establishment of the ADRF in 1970, along with the Australian Dental Association. Since its inception, the ADRF has funded more than 1,200 grants and scholarships to support research in dentistry for the purpose of improving the dental health of the community.

“The dental industry is pleased to support research into dental science and the ADIA Research Grant is an important symbol of this commitment,” Williams said.

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