Sure Smile certification

Oct. 5, 2011
Designation recognizes system’s degree of precision.

ATLANTA, Georgia--The CS 9300C has joined a group of advanced 3-D imaging systems certified by OraMetrix for use with SureSmile technology.

The distinction recognizes the CS 9300C’s high degree of precision just weeks after the imaging system’s introduction to the United States.

SureSmile is a system for orthodontists that combines 3-D diagnostic imaging with computerized treatment plan modeling and robotic archwire customization. The SureSmile system enables doctors to proactively plan tooth movement on digital models and customize prescriptive archwires for precise and efficient treatment.

Carestream Dental introduces CS 9300C

The integration of CS 9300C 3-D scans with the SureSmile software means orthodontists will have improved treatment planning, as well as unprecedented control of treatment.

“The CS 9300C delivers high quality, precise anatomical data that is required for creation of SureSmile models,” said Phil Getto, chief technology officer, OraMetrix. “Because we use the models created from the 3-D data to create customized therapeutic appliances, it is critical to providing the doctor with models that are extremely accurate representations of the tooth anatomy and positions.”

Added Edward Shellard, DMD, chief marketing officer and director of business development for Carestream Dental: "The integration with SureSmile delivers an industry-leading application for orthodontists and gives them a powerful option for orthodontic planning. SureSmile certification enhances the CS 9300C’s versatility.”

The CS 9300C is an extraoral imaging system designed and manufactured by Carestream Dental. It allows doctors to capture 3-D images in up to seven different fields of view. This ability to collimate between different 3-D image sizes enables oral health professionals from disciplines to focus on specific areas of dentofacial anatomy, depending on the clinical diagnostic requirements.

Additionally, the CS 9300C captures 2-D digital panoramic and cephalometric images, fundamental diagnostic tools for orthodontists.

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