SonicFill Best of Class

Oct. 27, 2011
System has been named a recipient of the Pride Institute’s Best of Class Technology Award (Emerging Technology category) for 2011.

ORANGE, California--Kerr Corporation, a leading manufacturer of technology for dental procedures, has announced the SonicFill composite system has been named a recipient of the Pride Institute’s Best of Class Technology Award (Emerging Technology category) for 2011.

SonicFill is a time-saving composite system that enables clinicians to perform posterior restorations with a fast, easy, and reliable bulk fill technology using a sonic-activated handpiece. With the SonicFill technology, one can go from placement to a polished restoration in less than three minutes on cavities up to 5 mm.

A panel of dental technology experts, organized by the Pride Institute, a dental practice-management consulting firm, selected the 2011 winning products by majority vote. The Pride Institute’s Best of Class Technology awards were launched in 2009 as a new concept to provide an unbiased, nonprofit assessment of available technologies in the dental space.

Winners are invited to participate in a technology fair showcased at the ADA’s annual meeting.

Kerr releases portfolio of scientific research featuring SonicFill composite system

“The technology space has exploded in terms of quantity and quality of available products,” said Dr. Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS, president of Pride Institute. “With the potential for a considerable investment amount, it was important that someone step up and provide the corporate and dental communities with an unbiased selection process, led by technology key opinion leadership, with the sole focus of providing true guidance. That was the vision and it has come to fruition thanks to the support of the panel, ADA, Dental Products Report, and Dental Economics®.”

The selection panel consisted of seven dentists with knowledge of and experience in dental technology. They included Dr. Shuman; John Flucke, DDS, writer, speaker and technology editor for Dental Products Report; Paul Feuerstein, DMD, writer, speaker and technology editor for Dental Economics®; Titus Schleyer, DMD, PhD, associate professor and director, Center for Dental Informatics at the University of Pittsburg, School of Dental Medicine; Marty Jablow, DMD, technology writer and speaker; Parag Kachalia, DDS, director of new technology at the University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry; and Larry Emmott, DDS, technology writer, speaker and dental marketing consulting.

“We’re honored to receive this prestigious award for one of our newest technologies,” said Leo Pranitis, Kerr’s vice president of global marketing and innovation.

“We do believe that with SonicFill, we’ve introduced a new technology that is literally changing the way posterior composites are placed and ultimately setting a new standard in restorative dentistry. The remarkably positive response we’ve been getting from the global dental community is a testament to the need in the marketplace. Being singled out among the Pride Institute’s ‘Best of Class’ is particularly rewarding!”

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