Midwest Dental funding

April 18, 2011
Investment to fund acquisitions and growth initiatives.

MONDOVI, Wisconsin—Midwest Dental, a dental practice-management company with more than 80 dental practices across the United States, has announced securing a new investment from financial partner Friedman Fleischer & Lowe that will fund acquisitions of dental practices across the U.S., as well as other growth initiatives.

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The senior management of Midwest Dental, which has worked together for 10 years, continues to maintain a significant investment in the company alongside Friedman Fleischer & Lowe.

Midwest Dental’s practices offer a suite of general dentistry services, including restorative, diagnostic, and preventative procedures. The company, one of the largest dental practice-management companies in the United States, provides centralized management, administrative and financial services that allow dentists and clinical staff to devote the majority of their time to patient care.

“We got to know the Friedman Fleischer & Lowe team four years ago, and we are excited to have them as our new financial partner,” said Dr. Jeffrey Moos, CEO of Midwest Dental, who has been with the business since 1983.

“This investment will allow us to serve more dental practices seeking business solutions in a challenging health-care environment. Midwest Dental will continue to grow through acquisitions of practices in our current geographic footprint and seek new areas in the Midwest and Mountain states. We will also enhance our capabilities to ensure we deliver the highest quality care and service to our patients and dental professionals.”

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