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EDA launches redesigned website

April 6, 2011
Updated site delivers higher level of industry, public connection, and expanded resources to support green dentistry movement.
BERKELEY, California--The Eco-Dentistry Association, an international membership association formed to promote environmentally sound practices in dentistry, has launched a redesigned website at To read more about the EDA, go to EDA.The new website has been revamped with a fresh look, new content, navigation links, improved functionality, expanded educational offerings, and a new online community for dental professionals and companies interested in being part of the green dentistry movement. “The technology of Web-based communications is moving rapidly,” remarked Ina Pockrass, cofounder of the Eco-Dentistry Association. “Our recent growth and many additional services for consumers and the dental industry made now the perfect time for us to take advantage of the expanded functionality available for association web platforms.”A major aspect of the new website is its online community, which connects dental practitioners, green dental patients, and members of the dental industry. “We’re now truly able to be the ‘Facebook’ of Green Dentistry,” remarked Pockrass. Each EDA member practice has a profile page where it can post photos, articles, blogs, special patient offers, status updates, and other pertinent information about eco-friendly services. Individual members, such as the dental hygienist, dental assistant, and practice manager, also have personal profile pages to collaborate with other green dental professionals, create groups within the community, and exchange best practice tips, resources, and experiences. In addition, members have the opportunity to participate in the EDA’s message boards and blogs.Additional new features of the website include detailed resource sections dedicated exclusively to dental professionals, dental patients, and dental manufacturers, a regularly updated weekly action Item that gives dental professionals a fresh tip on how to make their practices more eco-friendly, and profiles of featured dental professionals and companies that are taking a leadership role in the green dentistry movement. The EDA has expanded its continuing education offerings through the site to include regular webinars on green dentistry and do-it-yourself CE courses for the entire dental team. This includes courses geared towards dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and practice managers. Moreover, CE courses now include topics that dental teams can work on together. The updated website offers opportunities for visitors to the site to participate in the EDA’s awareness campaigns, such as its water-saving campaign, “Save 90 a Day”, where individuals pledge to turn off the water while brushing. It also offers a member search so dental patients can find practitioners that share their eco-friendly values. Dental professionals can search the site’s product guide and view the certification reports of EDA-accepted green dental products. They can also find their “perfect shade of green” by downloading the GreenDOC Checklist or gaining green office certification through the EDA’s GreenDOC Dental Office Certification Program. In addition to the many new features, the website will continue to allow visitors access to green industry studies, read about current EDA news, events and speaking engagements, and learn more about how green dentistry is the future of dentistry. The new will regularly feature new content, and is intended to be a frequent destination for clinicians, consumers, patients, sponsors, business partners, and journalists who are interested in the latest advancements in green dentistry. More information can be found at comment on this topic, go to