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Approved products by EDA

Feb. 24, 2011
Environmentally friendly products meet specific environmental criteria set by the Eco-Dentistry Association.
BERKELEY, California--The Eco-Dentistry Association, an international membership association formed to promote environmentally sound practices in dentistry, has announced the latest dental products to receive the exclusive EDA-accepted seal based upon meeting specific environmental criteria set by the EDA. To read more about the EDA, go to EDA.Product lines that have been newly approved to bear the EDA-accepted seal include two dry vacuum systems, a suite of lube-free handpieces, and a professional oral care line. The new list of products bearing the seal is a mix ranging from product lines just breaking into the green dentistry scene to high-tech products that are the foundation of the green dental practice.The DentalEZ RAMVAC Badger Waterless Vacuum System and the BaseVAC Dry Vacuum System by R.E. Morrison Equipment are recipients of the EDA-accepted seal. “We’re pleased to see so much innovation in the area of dry vacuum systems,” said Susan Beck, EDA director. “Traditional vacuum systems can waste as much as 360 gallons of water per day. We look forward to the day that dry vacuum systems are the standard for dental practices, and DentalEZ and R.E. Morrison Equipment are setting the bar.” R.E. Morrison has more than six years of expertise in creating dry-vacuum systems. In addition to the eco-credibility of the oil-free, waterless BaseVAC, the company has implemented environmental initiatives in its manufacturing and shipping processes and donates equipment to dental clinics in need.DentalEZ leads the pack with the largest number of products earning the EDA-accepted seal. Its StarDental lube-free hand pieces including Series 430, Solara, Titan 3, Titan-T, and Prophy Star 3, which eliminate the use of petroleum, are among the latest to receive the seal, as is DentalEZ’s RAMVAC Hg5 Amalgam Separator. The DentalEZ EverLight LED Opearatory Light and UltraLeather dental chair upholstery already bear the seal.“DentalEZ is exceptional at meeting the multi-faceted needs of the green dental professional: conserve resources, boost performance, and tend to the bottom line," Beck commented. "It is exciting to see their continued innovation and commitment to dentistry’s green future."Eléva Naturals is the EDA’s first home care product line to achieve the EDA-accepted seal. Eleva’s professional oral care line, manufactured in the U.S., features plant-sourced ingredients and do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate or other chemicals of concern often found in oral care products. The company has reduced packaging for its products and implements eco-friendly processes in manufacturing.“Eléva Naturals represents the growing new breed of companies that are specifically founded to provide greener, wellness-based alternatives for the green dental patient,” explained Beck. The EDA-accepted seal is awarded only to products and services that offer exceptional environmental benefits for the dental practice or dental industry. The seal may be appropriate for a product or service if it enables the dental professional to reduce waste and pollution, saves water or energy, incorporates innovative and/or high technology, or promotes wellness-based dentistry such as early detection.Once a product or service is confirmed as EDA-accepted, the manufacturer receives an electronic version of the seal, which may be used on any marketing, advertising, and packaging materials such as catalogs, Web sites, and product packaging. The EDA posts an application report for each EDA-accepted product on the EDA Web site, so dental professionals can see which of the EDA-accepted criteria a product or service has achieved.The seal makes it easy for dental professionals to identify products and services that meet the EDA’s standards and best practices for green dental offices and help them choose eco-friendly products quickly, easily, and with confidence. For more information, visit or call Beck at (510) 841-1229.To comment on this topic, go to