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Crown Seating stool

Feb. 28, 2011
Mesh seat and back allow breathability and comfort.
CENTENNIAL, Colorado--Crown Seating, a manufacturer in ergonomic designs for dental seating, has introduced the new virtu C120D mesh dental stool.To read more about Crown Seating, go to Crown Seating.Five years ago Crown Seating set out on a mission to create the ultimate dental stool. The company looked at the three main problems with a traditional dental stool. The first major problem is breathability. Stools upholstered in vinyl cause the user to sweat. This can be uncomfortable and unattractive. The second major problem is that traditional dental stools are not dynamic. They do not move with the user back and forth. This can cause fatigue and unwanted pressure points. The third major problem with traditional dentals stools is that they cause lower, middle, and upper back pain.The new virtu stool addresses these problems. The mesh seat and back provide breathability and comfort. The Active-Tilttm seat plate mechanism allows the seat to move with the user as they move back and forth. The convex shape of the backrest fits into a user's lower back curve for support.To view a video of the virtu stool, go to more information, call toll free at (800) 417-4122 or visit comment on this product, go to