Vident hands-on denture training

Feb. 16, 2011
Training conducted at Vident Training Center in Brea, Calif.

BREA, California--In the spirit of continuing education and lifelong learning, Vident conducted an in-house training on denture teeth for sales representatives at the Vident Training Center in Brea.

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The hands-on course included Vident U.S. account managers and inside sales and was a combination of hands-on learning, discussion, and lectures led by several of Vident’s top trainers. The Vident sales reps received instruction from in-house trainers and outside experts who presented them with actual case scenarios.

The training provided a hands-on perspective, allowing the sales staff to gain a greater understanding of denture teeth, and become more effective partners with the dental laboratories.

Alice Sager, CDT, an expert in denture setups with a practice in Boise, Idaho, led a hands-on lab of how to set up denture teeth and taught about fabrication of dentures from Rx to final processing.

Attendees also learned how to increase their customer support skills and were briefed on the marketing trends, as well as the features, benefits ,and opportunities available for the laboratory using VITA Denture Teeth. The training equipped the sales staff with information that helped the sfaff become more knowledgeable business consultants to customers.

“The purpose behind this in-house training is to continually keep our staff updated on Vident denture teeth products and the advantages they offer,” explained Peter Newell, product marketing manager for denture teeth. “Keeping them informed on current trends and benefits, and having them participate in a hands-on training, enhances their knowledge and serves as an important tool in their interactions with Vident customers.”

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