Air Techniques looking for oldest air compressor and vacuum system still in use in a dental office

Would your dental office be proud of this honor?

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Air Techniques, Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of dental equipment is excited to announce The Oldest Air Tech Air Compressor and Vacuum System contest. This contest will run through Sept. 30, 2014.

Air Techniques was started over 50 years ago with the goal of making the highest-quality, longest-lasting, hardest-working compressors and vacuums that meet the unique needs of dental offices. They still regularly hear from dentists who have their AirStar compressors or VacStar vacuum systems (or their predecessors) that were purchased and installed many, many years ago—but are still hard at work today. So Air Techniques wants to know—where are our old reliable workhorse units? And Air Tech wants to reward those dentists who have these long-running compressors and vacuum systems, and the service technicians who keep them running.

Send Air Techniques a picture of your old unit, along with a note of when it was installed and your dealer information. You can win BIG prizes! The dental office with the oldest Air Tech compressor in North America will win a new AirStar compressor complete with monitoring system so you and your service tech can keep watch on your dental air system from nearly anywhere – from your front desk, your office or your home. The dental office with the oldest Air Tech vacuum system in North America will win our award-winning Mojave dry vacuum—reduce your water bill to zero and help save the planet in the process! We even have fun prizes for the dirtiest, the weirdest location, the smallest closet, the oldest in the East, the oldest in the West….and the most whatever!

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“Air Techniques has earned its reputation for superior quality and performance with products that can operate for decades. We want to recognize and reward those loyal customers with long-serving units and the service technicians who keep them running,” said Robert Nordquist, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “And we want to have fun in doing so by recognizing other “unique” installations. Send us your picture(s) of your old units or your unique installations. We’ll post them in our “Wall of Fame” (with your permission, of course). You could be the lucky winner of some very special prizes, or fun prizes the whole office can enjoy.”

Here’s how to join the fun. Sign up online at Sign up by email by sending your information to Sign-up by snail mail (your unit must be really old!) at Air Techniques, Oldest Air Compressor & Vaccum Contest, 1295 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY, 11747.

Send your name/address/phone, picture(s) of the unit (post, attach, or mail), when it was installed, and the name of your dealer and service tech. If you have a good story about your unit, you can earn extra credit!

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