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DenMat joins the fight against breast cancer

Sept. 10, 2014
DenMat indicates plans to release pink-themed curing lights and loupes for Breast Cancer Awareness month and to donate a portion of all October sales, including those made at the 2014 ADA Annual Meeting, to the fight against breast cancer.
According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), every year, about 230,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed, resulting in about 40,000 deaths. DenMat, the manufacturer of PeriOptix Loupes and the Flashlite LED curing light, is aware of these statistics. DenMat will be releasing special pink-themed curing lights and loupes for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October 2014. DenMat will also donate a portion of all sales made during the month of October – including those made at this year’s Annual American Dental Association meeting in San Antonio – to the fight against breast cancer.

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A woman in the United States has a one in eight chance of getting invasive breast cancer during her lifetime, and breast cancer is fatal for one in 36 women. The decrease in breast cancer rates is likely a result of earlier detection and follow-up. There are currently over 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, according to the ACS.

Early detection is particularly important in the fight against breast cancer. As the preferred source for VELscope Oral Cancer detection, DenMat assists with giving dental professionals the ability to detect oral lesions at an early stage and potentially save lives by means of a less invasive, more effective treatment when compared to other available screening devices on the market. DenMat recognizes the importance of early detection and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the fight against breast cancer.

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“DenMat is proud to be the worldwide leader in discovering oral tissue abnormalities,” said Brenton Lively, DenMat’s PeriOptix and VELscope senior product manager. "Giving clinicians the power to see a potentially life-threatening abnormality brings a new dimension to patient care, one that we are committed to advancing on a global scale. With all of our experience in oral lesions, it is quite natural for us to join the fight against breast cancer.”