Vita North America

Vident changes to Vita North America as part of global strategy

Dec. 4, 2014
Vident, the North American subsidiary of Vita, has changed its name to Vita North America to align itself with Vita in Germany.

Vident aligns name with Vita, moves headquarters to new facility

Vident, the North American subsidiary of Vita, has changed its name to Vita North America, the company has announced, more closely aligning itself with Vita in Germany. According to the company, the name change provides an opportunity for Vident to emphasize what it’s known for, namely a customer-focused business strategy and points of differentiation, including technical proficiency.

“The name change is our most visible way of renewing the promise to the dental industry that providing Vita products, combined with top-notch technical support and education, is what we do best,” says Andy Klein, the marketing director for Vita North America.

In the industry, brand awareness and equity of the Vita name are high. Recognizing that brand and consolidating the company’s future behind it is part of the name-change strategy.

“This change is an opportunity to build a closer partnership with Vita in Germany,” says Dr. Emanuel Rauter, the CEO of Vita North America and son of Henry Rauter, the chairperson of the board for Vita Zahnfabrik and Vita North America. “We have had success in Europe through integrating subsidiaries into our global operations from a technical and operational viewpoint and look forward to duplicating this success in North America.”

At the same time, Vident has also relocated its Orange County, California, corporate office from Brea to Yorba Linda, the city immediately to the east. The building features state-of-the-art renovations and a more modern, clinical look.

Dr. Emanuel Rauter (right) and Andy Klein (left) in the new Vita North America office in Yorba Linda, California

“The new facility presents a high-quality, modern esthetic that allows us to welcome customers into a professional environment, where they are assured of the high level of support and training they expect from Vita,” said Dr. Rauter. With the new facility, customers can expect a few new things: shorter hold times as a result of a new phone system, a modern classroom environment with new benches, and faster technical support.

Vita North America is also rolling out an initiative, centered around Vita Enamic, to help its lab partners successfully grow in the CAD/CAM arena. The program, already successfully rolled out in Europe, is focused on a business proposition that helps labs differentiate themselves with materials that mimic the natural dentition most closely. The program also offers training, service, and support for all Vita CAD/CAM materials.

For 2015, Vita’s plans include the continued launch of the Vita Enamichybrid ceramic material for dentists and labs. Vita North America will also be introducing universal mandrel CAD/CAM blocks and disk materials that will allow their materials, including Enamic and VitaBlocs Mark II feldspathic material, to be milled in most systems.