Sales Report 800

On the road with Gene Redden: Sales trends, Ebola, tax rumors, and Tennessee hot spots

Nov. 4, 2014
Henry Schein road warrior Gene Redden gives a report from the field. This week Gene covered 1,500 miles and six cities, talked tax trends with dentists, and hit some hot spots inTennessee. 

Dental industry Is weathering some changes

Changing times were apparent this week in the field. I covered approximately 1,500 miles and six cities while the seasons changed, along with the leaves. Gatlinburg was particularly picturesque.

Changes are apparent within the dental industry as well, and we likely can expect this trend to continue. One expected change is the Section 179 tax break for capital purchases. The threshold is currently $25,000. It has been much higher in the past ($500,000 at one point), and there are many who speculate that the $25,000 number will be raised by Congress. This could even happen retroactively from one year to the next.

The Ebola outbreak has been cause for change as well. As the country deals with uncertainty, a closer look at OSHA requirements and subsequent actions for in-office compliance are a real hot button issues. Merchandise reps have seen an uptick in awareness as well as purchases in this area. Whether it’s a GP or specialty practice, all offices are required to have OSHA training, but for many the Ebola scare has changed their timelines for preparedness.

The digital dentistry revolution adds to the changing landscape. Film is nearly a thing of the past as digital Imaging offers speed and precision that has completely changed the industry. It isn’t cheap; however, there is significant value and ROI to keeping up with the changing digital times. As we are seeing right now, the fourth quarter is consistently the time of year that major capital purchases are made. At an ever-increasing rate, digital purchases are made as a bundled offer. Many configurations make more sense buying together at the same. Even though the invoice is high in the beginning, most HCPs gain increased value – especially over time – if buying in a bundle.

Another change that is driven by the digital dentistry revolution is merchandise. Commonly stocked items will begin to change with market changes. For example, fewer impression trays plus goop & goo are required as the intraoral scanner market grows. More and more competitive products for imaging certainly change the film requirements compared to ten years ago.

Ever been to Chattanooga? You’re missing out if not. At the time I am writing this, the Regatta is going on downtown. Check out Terra Nostra if you visit. It is a tapas bar on the Northshore – best escargot I have ever eaten. It is a small place right next to Bone Appetite (a goodies place for pets), and it has as much character as you will find in Chattanooga. Well, except for Aretha Frankenstein’s

About the Author: Gene Redden is originally from Mississippi, but now makes his home in Tennessee. A road warrior across the Southeastern U.S. for decades, Redding is currently a CAD/CAM Specialist with Henry Schein.