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Straumann USA and Patterson Dental team up to bring a new standard of care to implant placement in general practice

Oct. 29, 2014
Patterson Dental and Straumann USA partner to provide implant placement education to general practitioners. Patterson Dental is to be the only distributor of Straumann One.
Straumann and Patterson Dental announced that they will work together to further increase the standard of patient care in dental implant placement in general practice.

Dental implants placed by general practitioners – a growing trend in the US
In the past, Straumann and its academic partner, the International Team for Implantology (ITI), focused almost exclusively on dental specialists – Straumann as a manufacturer and provider of tooth replacement solutions and the ITI as the leading network in research and education in implantology. However, current market research points to a growing trend of general practitioners (GPs) becoming active in the surgical placement of implants. At the same time, a recent article in the Journal of the American Dental Association reported on a U.S. study showing that 18.7% of dental implants placed by GPs failed.

Straumann and Patterson respond responsibly
“As responsible corporation, Straumann cannot ignore these developments. We have taken a leadership position in the North American implant market in collaboration with our surgical specialists, education partners, and our new distribution partner, Patterson Dental, to improve the quality of education to GPs who are placing or considering placing implants. Patterson Dental shares our views and values and enables us to reach a very large number of general dentists in North America,” said Andy Molnar, the executive vice president and head of Straumann North America.

“Straumann’s implant system is among the best in the world in terms of innovative design, precision and quality. Furthermore, its clinical track record is extensive and unparalleled. These factors and the company’s responsible approach towards GPs through education and support, give us full assurance that we are offering customers reliable, predictable and convenient solutions for tooth replacement. We are very excited to work with Straumann to benefit dentists and their patients”, said Paul Guggenheim, the president of Patterson Dental.

The partnership will foster the interdisciplinary relationship between specialists, GPs, and dental laboratories to improve collaboration in referring patients to specialists and in coordinating treatment plans. This approach will increase implant opportunities for all professionals by better identifying patient cases that are currently not considered for implant therapy, thus raising the standard of care and enabling better patient outcomes.

For the GP choosing to place implants, comprehensive education will be provided by education partner Spear Education through an interdisciplinary implant curriculum developed and taught by specialists. GPs may only participate with the supportive presence of a surgical specialist during and after the curriculum. This specialist-led approach will ensure ongoing educational support for the GP. Straumann’s academic partner, the ITI, will continue to provide evidence-based implant education through a variety of channels, such as the recently launched ITI Online Academy, publications, research, and membership.

Straumann One: specifically designed to help general practitioners
To address the current market place trends and reach GPs outside the Straumann surgical referral network, Straumann and Patterson Dental will distribute the Straumann One implant package to GPs in the U.S. in 2015 through a phased approach. Straumann One is a convenient, all-in-one package, applicable for straightforward indications only. It simplifies the component choice for the GP – both surgically and restoratively – and gives the labs flexibility to choose which crown to use for the Straumann Variobase abutment supplied in the package.

Straumann One will be available exclusively through Patterson Dental, together with the Spear Interdisciplinary Implant Curriculum.

Andy Molnar added: “We believe that, with our surgical specialists, Spear Education and Patterson Dental, we have developed a comprehensive, unique, and responsible leadership position to address the changing trends in implant dentistry. This inclusive approach will enhance the quality of patient care and further advance dental implantology in North America.”