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S-R Tek to launch Peak series handpieces

May 8, 2014
First products in the new Peak series handpiece line to be unveiled at the 2014 California Dental Association meeting.

LEWES, Delaware--S-R Tek is scheduled to launch the first products in the new Peak series handpiece line at the 2014 California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim, Calif.

The Peak series high-speeds feature ceramic ball bearings, LED lighting, quick-disconnect swivel, and three-port water spray. S-R Tek Peak series handpieces are lightweight, quiet, and well-balanced in the practitioner’s hand.

S-R Tek Peak handpieces carry a one-year warranty, and are available only through authorized dental dealers.

The Peak series high-speed LED handpiece works with any ISO 6-pin tubing with 24v transformer and control unit. The LED swivel has an easily removed LED lamp, which carries a five-year warranty.

The handpieces also feature a 360-degree swivel connector with anti-retraction system for easy on/off connection from tubing, making the handpiece easier to remove, sterilize, and maintain. The LED lamp provides more than 250,000 LUX for optimized light output at the operative site, and has a five-year warranty.

Each Peak series handpiece has three-port water spray for optimal cooling, improved visibility of operating field, patient comfort, extended bur/diamond life, and prevention of debris build-up on burs/diamonds. Bur and diamond removal is accomplished with the use of a push-button auto-chuck, which provides longer chuck life and better retention.

All Peak series handpieces have a titanium surface to prevent staining/corrosion and allow for ease of cleaning.

Also available is the Peak series specialty handpiece with a 45-degree head and rear-port exhaust. The 45-degree contra-angle specialty handpiece allows for better visibility when used in the posterior areas of the oral cavity. Single-port water spray allows for visibility and improved irrigation of the surgical site.

The high-power turbo-charged system uses the optimized air flow design for improved air flow to the turbine. The curved design of the turbine rotor increases the force area. This enhances high-speed dynamic torque for trouble-free cutting.

For more information, call (877) 236-4410, or go to www.s-rtek.com.

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