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March 7, 2012
Company cuts energy usage in half and reduces waste and emissions at U.S. manufacturing facilities.

ROCHESTER, New York--Carestream Health has achieved results as part of an ongoing environmental sustainability mission.

In the last two years, Carestream has cut energy consumption in half, largely due to efforts to decrease usage at manufacturing facilities in Rochester, N.Y., Windsor, Colo., and White City, Ore. Some of the plants’ improvements include use of higher efficiency equipment and recycling heat generated by manufacturing processes.

“We continuously examine our operations to identify areas where we can substantially prevent waste, reduce energy use, and help protect the environment,” said Cavan Kelsey, Carestream’s worldwide director of environmental health and safety.

“Environmental priorities are integrated into how we do business. Our ‘co-pride’ policy drives more efficient manufacturing processes and sustainable product packaging as well as employees’ conservation efforts in our office locations.”

During the last three years, the company trimmed air emissions by more than 20% through use of more environmentally friendly solvents, adhesives, and other materials. In addition, hazardous waste has been reduced by 25%.

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The company also curbed the use of paper and boosted recycling of paper and plastics at its offices and manufacturing facilities. In keeping with that initiative, Carestream employees created a one-piece box design for medical imaging films that not only reduces the amount of packaging materials but simultaneously lessens its shipping weight by 30%.

Carestream has also achieved ISO 14001, an international standard for assessing environmental management systems.

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