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SuniRay sensors

March 28, 2012
Clinician’s Report results show high grades for Suni’s “Made in America” flagship sensor.
SAN JOSE, California--The latest evaluation by the CR Foundation in Provo, Utah, demonstrated that the SuniRay Digital Radiography System—Suni Medical Imaging’s flagship sensor product—produces images of high-grade diagnostic quality. In addition to the overall image quality evaluation, SuniRay also received an excellent rating in the use of its image enhancement yools, and high ratings in the ease-of-use of its Prof Suni Imaging Software. “We were very confident that the SuniRay system would perform optimally during the CR Foundation evaluation,” said Paul Tucker, CEO, Suni. “The SuniRay System has always performed to consistently high standards, and we are very pleased to have the backing of the CR Foundation in delivering that message to the dental market.” Related informaiton, click here.The evaluation produced images of high-image quality, and revealed the functionality of the Suni imaging software.The CR Foundation authors and distributes the Clinician Report to members of the dental community. The CR newsletter routinely reports on the performance of technology systems available to dental practitioners. For more information, call (800) GET-SUNI or visit comment on this topic, go to