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Water Pik 50th

Jan. 19, 2012
American company continues commitment to its engineering roots.
FORT COLLINS, Colorado--Water Pik, a leader in developing personal and oral healt-hcare products, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Since 1962, Water Pik has been committed to pioneering stylish, high-value products that help enhance health and wellness. Water Pik has developed and introduced many products such as the Waterpik Water Flosser and pulsating shower massage.“It all started 50 years ago with the Dental Water Jet (now known as the Water Flosser), an innovation ahead of its time and a product that 50 years later still continues to be one of the leading products in the market,” said Richard Bisson, president and CEO, Water Pik. “Our goal at Water Pik has been to expand our expertise, and build upon our engineering roots to continue to increase our leading brand market share positions, both now and in the future.”Water Pik is one of the leaders in he showers category thanks to a shower massage product that was invented in 1973. The brand now includes the luxury and eco-safe lines of EasySelect and EcoFlow showerheads. The patented OptiFlow technology delivers 30% more water force than other showerheads, delivering a consistent flow rate--even at low water pressures. The EcoFlow line of green, water-saving, low-flow hand-held and fixed mount shower options, have received the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense Seal. Most recently, Water Pik launched a line of Waterpik SinuSense sinus health products and the battery-operated Water Pulsator that help consumers live and breathe better.Water Pik was started in 1962 by a dentist and an engineer who saw a need for a product that would eventually become a household name. With hard work and dedication, the company received a first patent. Soon after, the oral care devices could be found in drug and mass merchandise stores. Today’s Waterpik Water Flosser has been updated, and is now recommended as an easy and effective way to floss. Since its beginnings, Water Pik has maintained a steadfast commitment to innovation, health and wellness, and sustainability. During the last 50 years, Water Pik has acquired more than 500 patents, and has been recognized for award-winning design and technology.In celebration of the anniversary, Water Pik will be giving away Jan. 18-31, 2012, five products daily. Winners may select the product they wish to receive, which includes the Ultra Water Flosser, the Water Flosser For Kids, the Traveler Water Flosser, EasySelect or EcoFlow showerheads, or the Water Pulsator. For more information, visit comment on this topic, go to