Propel Orthodontics begins clinical evaluation

Jan. 24, 2012
Propel Orthodontics begins clinical evaluation of new orthodontic procedure.

Tarrytown, NY — Propel Orthodontics, a manufacturer and supplier of innovative orthodontic procedures and devices that are revolutionizing the way teeth are moved in orthodontic treatment, announced the official launch of a paid clinical evaluation for its Propel® System.

The Propel System is a micro-invasive procedure performed by orthodontists to greatly reduce the time in which teeth are moved. Through a groundbreaking scientifically proven, patented process called Micro-Osteoperforation™, the alveolar bone is stimulated to induce an inflammatory response that greatly accelerates tooth movement in the treated area. When used during active treatment, the length of time required to move teeth has been shown to be reduced by up to 50%. Orthodontists involved in the clinical evaluation will be compensated for their involvement.

Those interested in participating in the paid clinical evaluation and receive free products are encouraged to log onto for more information.

Propel Orthodontics is the manufacturer and supplier of innovative orthodontic procedures and devices which aim to revolutionize tooth movement. In 2010, Propel Orthodontics developed the Propel System, a micro-invasive procedure that is relatively painless for the patient and requires minimal training by the treating clinician. This procedure induces a local inflammatory response on teeth under any modality of orthodontic forces, and has been scientifically proven to effectively accelerate the movement of teeth by up to 50%.

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