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ClearCorrect Phase Out

Jan. 11, 2012
Phase Out is focused on making a difference.

HOUSTON, Texas—ClearCorrect, the manufacturer of orthodontic clear aligners has launched Phase Out.

Phase Out is a new project focused on making a difference.

In a post on the company’s blog, ClearCorrect CEO Jarrett Pumphrey, said, “Five years ago, we started ClearCorrect out of a passion to help. Doctors had no choice in clear aligners, and we wanted to change that. Since then, we've remained focused on changing the clear aligner industry. Well, now our ambitions have grown. I’m very happy to announce Phase Out, a new ClearCorrect project we’re kicking off this year. The purpose of the project: To change the world.”

ClearCorrect’s phase-based approach to clear aligners is at the heart of the project: ClearCorrect cases include a certain number of phases (a phase is a box with four sets of clear aligners). More often than not, a few phases are left over at the end of treatment. Starting Jan. 1, 2012, for each leftover phase, $20 will go toward phasing out life-impacting issues for people in need.

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ClearCorrect is partnering with charity: water to launch the first of several Phase Out initiatives envisioned for the project: phase out unsafe drinking water.

“It’s unbelievable that nearly a billion people on the planet still don’t have access to something so basic as clean drinking water,” said Pumphrey. “charity: water is an incredible organization working to change that. They have a big job to do, and we want to help them.”

Through Phase Out, every time a phase remains at the end of ClearCorrect treatment, $20 will go toward building wells and other water projects in developing nations with charity: water. One phase = one person with access to clean, safe drinking water.

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For information, visit or call toll-free at (888) 331-3323.

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