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Dental Industry Review 2011

Jan. 6, 2012
The Anaheim Group, publishers of DentalFax, has released the 2011 Dental Industry Review.
PEORIA, Arizona--The Anaheim Group, publishers of DentalFax, has released the 2011 Dental Industry Review.The review is a 294-page comprehensive report of the key events in the worldwide dental industry for 2011. The Dental Industry Review is a well-known resource that contains color charts and graphs. The CD-ROM costs $175 and contains the review in Word and PDF formats.Directd download service is $150 and is in PDF format.The 11th edition of the Dental Industry Review includes sections on acquisitions and sales multiples; bankruptcies and corporate restructurings; dental implant market shares and growth; management changes; litigation; and market growth estimates for equipment, consumables, over-the-counter oral care products, and implants. Distribution agreements, developments, and implant market shares are also covered. The acquisitions and sales multiples section enables the market value of a company to be calculated based upon the type of company. The Dental Industry Review is intended for those working or investing in the dental marketplace.2010 Dental Industry Review now availableThe 2011 Review also has a comprehensive Innovation Index that offers a list of dental FDA product marketing clearances, United States dental patents, and European Patent Office and World International Patent Office dental patents issued in 2011.For more information, call (623) 334-0091 or send an email to [email protected] or visit comment on this product, go to