DEXIS connects with new Dentrix Developer Program, Dentrix dental users

Nov. 26, 2012
Membership in program allows DEXIS to provide products that are Dentrix G5-connected.

HATFIELD, Pennsylvania--DEXIS, whose premier product is a digital X-ray system that integrates with Dentrix, has announced that it is a member of the Dentrix Developer Program.

The program was created for those companies that want to develop specific Dentrix G5-connected applications.

Both the DEXIS Digital Imaging System and the DEXIS Integrator for DENTRIX have been accepted into the Dentrix MarketPlace program. The Dentrix MarketPlace online portal provides a central location for users to easily review and select technologies that are associated with their Dentrix program, and which will enhance their practices.

The DEXIS Digital Imaging System with its platinum sensor and DEXIS Imaging Suite software provides clinicians with the image quality, a comfortable sensor, and fast workflow. DEXIS Integrator for DENTRIX affords a seamless way for DEXIS and Dentrix to work efficiently together.

“DEXIS has been with the Henry Schein Dental family for seven years, and continues to offer the best digital imaging solution for Dentrix users,” statesd John Steck, director of product management for DEXIS.

“We look forward to our involvement in the Dentrix Developer Program and the DEXIS presence on Dentrix MarketPlace.”

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