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RGP signs license to produce Relax and Hydro armrests

Dec. 17, 2012

RGP has long been selling its articulating armrests. Now, under a newly signed license agreement, RGP owns the rights to manufacture the armrests.

"The Relax arm is a two-dimensional armrest that moves with you to accept the weight of your arm off your back, neck, and shoulder,” said Jason DeCosta, sales manager. “It allows the user to hold a mirror or retract for long periods while alleviating the tension and strain usually associated with longer procedures."

DeCosta went on to explain that the Hydro arm is a three-dimensional armrest designed to provide “full range-of-motion” for the dominant-instrument arm. The Hydro's spring-loaded, adjustable tension allows enough support on the instrument side to stop pain to the neck, upper-back and shoulders.

The new license agreement allows RGP to make improvements on the armrests and the manufacturing process.

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