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The 2012 AAO annual session will be held May 5-8, 2012, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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NEW PROVIDENCE, New Jersey--3Shape, a leader in 3-D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions, will present the Ortho System and TRIOS, a new intraoral digital impression solution, at an orthodontic event in May 2012.The event is the 2012 AAO Annual Session slated for May 5-8 in Honolulu, Hawaii.Related information, click here.Ortho System brings together accurate 3-D scanning, intuitive treatment planning and analysis, efficient patient management, communication tools, and appliance design to provide workflows that help increase efficiency and productivity. Some of the features are:* Link between Orthodontic Clinics and Labs: The clinic can take a digital impression with TRIOS and perform treatment planning with Ortho Analyzer while the lab will load the case into 3Shape’s Appliance Designer to design the customized product. Additionally, labs can receive digital impressions directly from the clinic and send feedback or questions. * OrthoAnalyzer: Provides complete insight into patient cases by simulating treatment plans and applying familiar analyses in an efficient and systematic manner.* Appliance Designer: Users can design modified study models or appliances for output using types of 3-D-driven machines and materials to easily create nightguards, retainers, splints, and surgical bites.* Open Formats: The Ortho System allows users to create quality digital study models and appliances in the standard STL file format, allowing labs and practices to choose service partners.3Shape will also showcase the TRIOS digital-impression solution, including a range of new features. TRIOS enables dentists to capture the intraoral situation and send the 3-D model directly to the lab. Unlike many other scanners, 3Shape’s TRIOS does not require pre-spraying of the teeth. The system clinically validates the impression and includes flexible tools to allow dentists to edit scans, even "delete-and-rescan" specific areas where needed. Some features are:* Ultra Fast Optical Sectioning technology for high speed* Spray-free for accuracy and patient comfort* Accurate scanning with up to 1,000 3-D pictures for geometries* Autoclavable scanner tip with easy-to-flip tip for scanning upper and lower jaw* Easy to use with complete motion and positioning freedom* Smart-Touch screen with line 3-D visualization* Impression validation* Online communication with the lab

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