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More than 400,000 in-office CEREC CAD/CAM single-unit restorations completed.

IRVINE, California--Pacific Dental Services has announced that affiliated dentists have reached a milestone by completng more than 400,000 CEREC Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing single-unit restorations in offices.

Enabling dentists to produce single-unit restorations in-office and reducing the need to send a dental impression to a laboratory for milling, the CEREC CAD/CAM system allows dentists to provide patients with restorations in a single appointment.

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With the use of the modern CAD/CAM dentistry, patients no longer have to schedule multiple trips to the dentist in order to have a restoration done and can enjoy the convenience of same-day dentistry. Using CEREC CAD/CAM technology is an example of what PDS’ Private Practice + model was designed to do: allow dentists to focus solely on patients.

“PDS-affiliated dentists have always been at the forefront of the migration to modern dentistry and with this unprecedented achievement of completing 400,000 in-office restorations, they are now leading the transition,” said Stephen Thorne, president and founder, of Pacific Dental Services. “The CAD/CAM dental technology allows clinicians to have the ability to produce restorations in a single visit, delivering on our affiliated dentists’ drive for clinical excellence and providing the highest level of patient care.”

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