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System tested by NASA.

PETALUMA, California--Innovative Labs was started for the purpose of solving environmental challenges that affect global well-being by focusing on a problem and engineering a solution.

Innovative Labs' team of engineers and scientists developed a photo catalytic oxidation air purification system that has been designed to address the concerns of formaldehyde, ozone and VOC pollution unlike many competitors. The Federal Emergency Management Agency challenged scientists to develop air purification technology for trailers supplied by FEMA to house many of the displaced citizens of New Orleans.

These trailers were exposing occupants to high levels of formaldehyde and other VOCs’ off-gassing from the composite wood and other materials used in trailer construction. FEMA, NASA, and the Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention conducted tests of the Sonoma Air purifier against 13 other air purification units. The Sonoma Air purifier yielded a high single-pass conversion of formaldehyde and other VOCs without emitting ozone.

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Indoor air quality needs to be a priority. Individuals spend 90% of time indoors, and often volatile organic compounds lead to multiple chemical sensitivity. Harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, acetone, ethanol, and aldehydes can produce symptoms such as burning eyes, sore throats, skin irritation and long term exposure can lead to cancer. Realizing the need for cleaner air, Innovative Labs developed a technology to remove VOCs, bacteria and viruses.

The technology behind Innovative Labs' air purification system is Sonoma Breeze. Air is continuously drawn into the air purifier, where a strong UV light activates a long-lasting titanium dioxide photo catalytic reactor core, breaking down and destroying airborne biological contaminants, odors, pollutants and dangerous volatile organic compounds.

The result is pure air free from formaldehyde, bacteria, and viruses. The benefit of Innovative Labs technology is that it does not emit ozone, and can remove 90% formaldehyde on a single pass. This givies consumers a way to mitigate exposure and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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