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3Shape to reveal its next-generation innovations in Florida

April 24, 2012
3Shape’s Dental System 2012 and TRIOS®* digital impression-taking solution
New Jersey — 3Shape, a user-acclaimed worldwide leader in 3-D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions, will present the key features in Dental System™ 2012 and the highly-acclaimed TRIOS®* digital-impression solution, at a major dental event in Orlando this May. 3Shape will be staging its new products at the Southern States Symposium and Expo presented by FDLA, May 10-12, atBuena vista Palace in Orlando, Booth 406.3Shape’s highly acclaimed Dental System 2012Always at the forefront of CAD/CAM innovation, 3Shape has once again pioneered an exciting range of new digital features and dedicated workflows designed to help both labs and dentists, while streamlining the cooperation between them. 3Shape’s 2012 version is packed with even more indication, new features, improved functionality and new tools to improve productivity. Some of its key features are:• 3Shape Communicate™ — Enables labs to collaborate closely with the dentist; technicians can send 3-D design visualizations, screen shots, and questions about cases to the dentist, directly from Dental System. The dentist can comment and approve a case before it is milled. • ModelBuilder™ — Allows technicians to design lab models for an extensive range of indications, including crown and bridge, implant models, directly from intraoral scans and conventional impression scans.• TRIOS integration enables labs to receive TRIOS digital impression scans from the clinic directly into their Dental System Inbox™.• Dynamic Virtual Articulator — Supports the market's most widely recognized articulators, providing an optimal user experience. Technicians can define and play their own motion sequences in customized scripts, and with the Occlusion Compass functionality, the colors of contact points are mapped to specific occlusion movements. • Temporaries and Diagnostic Wax-ups — A revolutionary workflow solution for producing temporary crowns and diagnostic wax-ups directly from the prepreparation scan without ever pouring a gypsum model, (including Virtual Prep, Virtual Gingiva, CAD Temporaries and Virtual Diagnostic Wax-up design).• Multilayer Design — Enables highly productive bridge design for pressing or combinations of milled glass ceramics and Zirconia. Automatically splits full anatomy designs into two true and entire parts, without undercuts or lost areas.• Improved SmileComposer™ — Optimized auto-placement of crowns and morphing to preparation.TRIOS impression taking strengthens professional lab/dentist relationships* 3Shape will also be showcasing its TRIOS digital-impression solution, including a wide range of new features. TRIOS enables dentists to rapidly capture the complete intraoral situation and send the 3-D model directly to the lab. Some key features include:• Ultra Fast Optical Sectioning™ technology for high speed• Spray-free for optimal accuracy and patient comfort• Accurate scanning with up to 1000 3-D pictures per second, for true geometries• Scans a quadrant in 25 seconds, the fastest available• The system clinically validates the impression and includes flexible tools allowing dentists to edit their scans, and even ‘delete-and-rescan’ specific areas where needed. *Note: TRIOS is currently not for sale in North America