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Technology4Medicine and Fotona report record growth of LightWalker hard and soft all-tissue/dual wavelength dental lasers.

SAN CLEMENTE, California--Technology4Medicine and Fotona have reported record growth in 2011.

For 2011, Technology4Medicine, an Orange County, Calif.-based company that exclusively sells the Fotona LightWalker laser system in the U.S., reported more than 50% growth as compared to the previous year. Fotona's preliminary financial results for 2011 reported 59% growth in their dental laser division.

Both companies' growth was based significantly on the introduction of the LightWalker, which won several honors in 2011, including the Pride Institute's Best of Class Technology Award at the American Dental Association annual meeting.

T4M has announced that LightWalker and Fotona have been awarded the "red dot design award 2012." The award recognized the Fotona LightWalker's combination of "innovation, technological perfection, and excellent design."

The red dot award is considered one of the most distinguished international quality seals for design. A total of 4,515 products from different manufacturers from around the world competed for the awards. The winners will be introduced July , 2012, at an awards presentationevent with more than 1,000 international guests from the fields of design, industry, and media at the Essen opera house in Germany.

The LightWalker is an all-tissue laser that delivers Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser energy, two proven wavelengths in dentistry, at a cost savings as compared to competing systems. The LightWalker provides dentists with an advanced dental laser that is engineered for efficiency in procedures such as PIPS laser endodontic and WPT periodontal treatments, as well as expanded soft- and hard-tissue applications.

PIPS, or Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming, is a patented technology, and Technology4Medicine is the exclusive patent licensee. PIPS is a simple, efficient laser treatment for root canal therapy using the LightWalker.

PIPS is minimally invasive by respecting the tooth's integrity and structure. This maintains more tooth strength. Using PIPS can reduce treatment times. The PIPS procedure has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Endodontics and the Journal of Laser Dentistry.

Wavelength-optimized Periodontal Therapy) is an advancement in minimally invasive treatment for periodontal disease. The Er:YAG laser energy gently removes the calculus from the root surface and Nd:YAG laser energy ablates the diseased epithelial lining while creating a stable fibrin clot. WPT allows dentists to provide an effective, alternative to scalpel/suture flap surgery to increase treatment acceptance.

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The proprietary combination of LightWalker wavelengths gives the clinician options for treating periodontal disease with many dental applications. The Nd:YAG laser provides deep penetration and bactericidal advantages as compared to other soft-tissue lasers. The Er:YAG's peak absorption capabilities result in a cost-effective and versatile laser system.

Jeffrey W. Jones, CEO and president of Technology4Medicine, noted:"We are very proud to offer the LightWalker to the dental community. Technology4Medicine is an aggressively growing and profitable company thath is committed to bringing the best technology to its customers. We believe the LightWalker is an excellent product with the newest in hard and soft all-tissue dental lasers, featuring the proven and acclaimed Er:YAG and Nd:YAG wavelengths. We have recently added a key senior executive to our team, Keith Bateman, as executive vice president. Keith has an extensive track record of success in both the medical and dental laser markets. We have also added several regional laser specialists and technical support personnel to handle the rapid acceleration of sales and to ensure the highest level of customer service in the industry."

Fotona reported that in 2011 the company generated the highest combined medical and dental laser revenue in its history. Dun & Bradstreet, a provider of glo­bal business information, knowledge and insight, listed Fotona among "Slovenia's Top 50 Companies for 2011."

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