OraMetrix Australia

April 24, 2012
Growing demand for SureSmile orthodontic treatment system in Australia prompts new subsidiary, OraMetrix Pty., to open in Sydney.

RICHARDSON, Texas--SureSmile, an orthodontic system that combines 3-D diagnostic imaging with computerized treatment planning and robotic archwire customization, has announced establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary in Australia named OraMetrix Pty.

In the past two years, 13 Australian orthodontic practices have introduced 3,000 patients to SureSmile technology.

“We are so proud to have these 13 extraordinary charter SureSmile practices in Australia,” said Glenn Lyon, vice president, business development, OraMetrix.

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Jacqueline Doon, an executive with 26 years of experience in the orthodontic industry, has been appointed managing director of OraMetrix Pty., which is headquartered in Sydney. Doon is joined by Tamara Henman ,who has been instrumental in the launch of the first 13 SureSmile practices in Australia.

“The demand for SureSmile in Australia is growing," Lyon said.

"We have developed wonderful relationships with orthodontic practices and the orthodontic industry in Australia, and now have strong SureSmile leadership on the ground to bring in and support practices throughout Australia and New Zealand."

For more information on OraMetrix or SureSmile, go to www.suresmile.com.

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