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Launched by Submit Patient Forms, Patient Studio is a website patient portal, and wiil soon be available to download as a desktop application.

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Patient Studio has debuted as a website patient portal, and will soon be available to download as a desktop application. PS was launched by Submit Patient Forms. The portal not only provides standard premium forms, but PS can customize and convert forms to its software for a one-time charge of $99/page. There are no contracts to sign; cancel anytime with one month’s notice.Forms are completed by patients online after receiving an email welcome letter/invitation with the form link or by a link installed on the practice’s website. The patient’s signature is captured electronically. This helps eliminate ePads and written signatures.The program can be used with major Internet browsers, and is configured for an I-Pad. It is HIPAA-compliant.For a fee of $99/month/standard premium forms, Patient Studio includes the functionality of the current Submit Patient Forms product [legible forms that help eliminate scanning. They arrive before the patient’s fist visit] but with the following additional features: automatic appointment reminders by email or texting and an online patient referral form in which referring docs can upload digital clinical photos and/or radiographs.For more information, send an email to, call (888) 427-1116, (516) 699-5588 outside of the U.S., or visit comment on this topic, go to
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