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Sirona Dental Systems and Patterson Dental join forces to launch Wake Up to the Trade Up Opportunity.

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CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--Sirona Dental Systems, a leading producer of dental CAD/CAM systems, has partnered with Patterson Dental, distributor of the CEREC Dental CAD/CAM system, to launch the “Wake Up to the Trade Up Opportunity.”During this promotion, which continues through July 27, 2012, CEREC 3 owners can “wake up” with the help of a free Keurig Coffee Maker when they schedule and complete an in-office CEREC AC or MC XL milling unit demonstration with their local Patterson representative.Related information, click here.What’s more, CEREC 3 owners will have a last chance opportunity to “trade up” to a CEREC AC-powered by CEREC Software 4.0 and/or the CEREC MC XL milling unit at special promotional pricing.“Sirona and Patterson recognize our loyal CEREC 3 customers want to remain on the cutting edge of digital dentistry,” said Roddy MacLeod, Sirona U.S. vice president CAD/CAM. “CEREC 3 was a major breakthrough in dental CAD/CAM when it launched in 2000, but since that time, CEREC’s many advances such as CEREC AC with Bluecam and Software 4.0 have dramatically improved the clinician’s restorative dentistry capabilities and--in turn--patient satisfaction.”The Wake Up to the Trade Up promotion enables CEREC 3 owners to incorporate fresh technology, enjoy savings and receive an incentive – a free Keurig Coffee Maker if they schedule a product demonstration with their Patterson representative. Trade-up options and promotional pricing are:Trade-Up Option, Trade-Up Credit Last, Chance Trade-Up PriceCEREC 3 Acquisition Unit + Compact Milling Unit to CEREC AC + MC XL, $53,995, $66,000CEREC 3 Acquisition Unit to CEREC AC w/Bluecam, $26,495, $27,500CEREC 3 Compact Milling Unit to CEREC MC XL, $27,500, $38,500“In honor of the upcoming CEREC 27 and a half event, CEREC 3 owners who trade up to CEREC AC or MC XL technology and have it installed by June 22, 2012, will have their CEREC 27 and a half tuition paid by Sirona and Patterson--a $1,495 value,” explained MacLeod.For more information about the limited-time Wake Up to the Trade Up Opportunity, CEREC 3 owners are advised to contact their local Patterson representative or call (800) 873-7683.For more information, visit, or call toll-free at (855) 237-3248. To comment on this topic, go to
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