ImageWorks sells NewTom

Feb. 7, 2012
Dent-X, veterinary, and EVA brands to remain.

ELMSFORD, New York--ImageWorks has announced an agreement in principle for the sale of its human NewTom CBCT Imaging operating division to CEFLA for an undisclosed valuation.

In August 2009 ImageWorks’ predecessor, AFP Imaging, sold its QR Imaging Division to CEFLA and retained exclusive distribution rights for NewTom products in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Australia, and parts of the Middle East.

With the sale, CEFLA will assume sales and service responsibility for this territory for human NewTom 3-DCT applications while ImageWorks will retain exclusive rights for distribution of the NewTom product for veterinary applications.

During the past two years, ImageWorks has created and maintains nearly 100% market-share in the fast-growing Mobile CBCT market-place with annual sales in excess of $5 million while maintaining approximately a 12% share in standalone office-based applications. The company has indicated that proceeds from the sale will be applied to the recapitalization of its debt facility.

ImageWorks named exclusive distributor of Yoshida imaging system

R. Scott Jones, ImageWorks’ chairman, stated: “We’re fortunate to capitalize on our success in growing this division significantly over the past three years having created substantial value for both ImageWorks and our partners. We will now dedicate all of our sales efforts to work exclusively through our network of over dental and veterinary 3,000 dealers and distributors in over 46 countries worldwide.”

The company reports that it has grown its dental, veterinary, and medical businesses through manufacturing and distribution of Dent-X, EVA, and ImageVet product lines. ImageWorks helped pioneer application of its imaging products to the veterinary dental market more than 10 years ago, and has maintained leadership in the field since that time.

Investments have been made on the development of a dedicated customer center with multi-modality communications and a training and development program, including a new training center for customers, distribution partners, and the company’s employees at the company’s Elmsford location.

At Elmsford, the company develops and manufactures vertically integrated EVA dental sensor, mini-med, and dental film processing product lines.

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