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Aug. 12, 2010
TeethWhitening.com is an online resource for patients to help them learn more about teeth whitening.

CULVER CITY, California--Discus Dental has announced the launch of TeethWhitening.com.

The site is an online resource for patients to help them learn more about teeth whitening. Governed by a 10-member advisory board of dental professionals, TeethWhitening.com covers a breadth of service offerings and range of whitening options, from learning about dentist-dispensed and over-the-counter solutions to weighing the benefits and risks of each product.

The site also offers advice about techniques and procedures, as well as industry information about new trends and services on the market. TeethWhitening.com offers a site where patients will be able to find answers and solutions to a number of questions not found in any other single source.

“In my 25 years as a dental professional, I have encountered countless patients who are misinformed about teeth whitening, and are unaware that they can get their teeth whitened by a dentist and need a resource for education,” said Dr. Mitch Conditt of Fort Worth, Texas.

TeethWhitening.com gives patients the opportunity to ask questions directly to dental experts so, along with their dentist, they can make informed decisions on whitening their teeth.”

TeethWhitening.com has a library of resources for teeth-whitening candidates that includes product reviews, costs, possible side effects and an “Ask a Pro” option in which site visitors can post questions to advisory board members and receive accurate responses from professionals.

Patients can also access a national directory to search for a nearby certified dental professional for consultation. By design, TeethWhitening.com provides Web content for dentists to direct their patients so they can receive additional education, then be redirected to their dentist for further consultation.

Links and banners are available for dentists to post on their professional sites as well at www.teethwhitening.com/reference/link-us.html.

Sponsored by Discus Dental, TeethWhitening.com advocates professional supervision of teeth-whitening solutions.

“Research shows that 49% of consumers aren’t aware they can get their teeth whitened by a dentist,” said Jennifer McNally, vice president of global marketing at Discus Dental. “We believe providing a comprehensive resource for patient awareness and education is of the utmost importance and a responsibility we take very seriously as the world leader in professional teeth whitening products.”

Information presented by TeethWhitening.com has been reviewed and approved by licensed dental professionals.

The advisory board, which answesr patient questions submitted to the site, is comprised of the following dental providers: Dr. Amajit Gill, president of the British Dental Association; Anastasia L. Turchetta, RDH; Dr. Mitch Conditt, DDS; Shannon Pace, CDA; Dr. Paulo Eduardo Capel Cardoso; Kim Miller, RDH, BSDH, RDHMP; Dr. Arthur Kwan, DMD; Dr. Marilyn Ward, DDS, FAGD; Dr. Arthur Tomaro, DDS; and Dr. Robert Maupin, DDS.

Visit www.TeethWhitening.com for more information, or contact the site at [email protected].

More information is available at www.discusdental.com.

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