CAMLOG Congress

Aug. 9, 2010
More than 1,200 guests attend Third International CAMLOG Congress June 10-12, 2010.

Steady, sustained growth, even in economically difficult times, CAMLOG and more than 1,200 guests of the congress directed by Professor Wilfried Wagner, University of Mainz, had more than a few reasons to celebrate after the Third International CAMLOG Congress June 10-12, 2010, in Stuttgart, Germany.

his also included that today, CAMLOG ranks among the world's five leading companies in the scientific documentation of treatment success.

The congress set standards by the contributions and balanced proportion of practical relevance and scientific underpinning.Presentations on the topics of digital implant dentistry, soft-tissue integration, prosthetics, 3-D planning, and augmentation addressed the clinical perspective.

Other topics included the pros and cons of platform switching, aspects of the biological width, conical vs. Tube-in-Tube connections, the impact of implant positioning on hard- and soft-tissue development, CAD/CAM solutions, screw fixation vs. cementation, abutment materials and more.

At the beginning of the congress, Professor Jürgen Becker, University of Düsseldorf, newly elected president of the CAMLOG Foundation for the next four years, emphasized the importance of the CAMLOG Foundation in the continued advancement of implant dentistry.

With 60 scientific publications in 2009 alone, CAMLOG has also been successful in becoming one the the leading "evidence-based" implant providers.

In the end, a particular highlight of the congress was the panel of experts with solutions complemented by constructive contributions from the audience.

But the CAMLOG Congress 2010 had more to offer than just professional tidbits. Before the actual congress, many participants attended the preprogram with practical and theoretical workshops or a visit to the Porsche or Mercedes-Benz museums. At the alternative tour of the newly expanded CAMLOG production plant in Wimsheim, more participants were counted than in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

At the CAMLOG "Night of the Stars" party, guests were received on a red carpet like in Hollywood. The international CAMLOG community was encouraged by Tina Turner impressionist Dana Smith, and a Robbie Williams show.

In his closing words, CAMLOG CEO, Dr Michael Peetz, described the Third International CAMLOG Congress as an opportunity to maintain networks and to further develop the team concept. It is Dr. Peetz' conviction that the CAMLOG Group is on its way to becoming an international leader in implant dentistry with its user-friendly, documented dental implant system.

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