World's tallest man

Aug. 20, 2010
Orange County dentist, Dr. Eric Johnson, to do procedure.

SAN CLEMENTE, California--The dental office of Dr. Eric Johnson has announced that Sultan Kosen, the current Guinness World Records title holder for "Tallest Living Man," will receive a complimentary custom smile makeover from Dr. Johnson.

Kosen will first travel from London to Virginia for a medical procedure, then continue on to San Clemente to begin the dental treatment.

The 27-year-old Kosen measures 8 feet, 1 inch or 246.5 in centimeters tall. The part-time farmer, who uses crutches to stand, filmed the documentary "World's Tallest Man and Still Growing," as a way to raise awareness about his condition.

He is featured prominently in the Guinness World Records 2011 edition, which launches in mid-September 2010.

After seeing the Kosen documentary, Dr. Johnson’s wife, Christa, was moved by his story.

“He has such a sweet spirit and has been through so much physically, emotionally, and socially,” she said. “I immediately felt the need to help him in some way.”

Dr. Johnson was just as excited when hearing of Kosen and agreed to become involved by giving him a full smile makeover. The Johnsons reached out to Guinness World Records and contacts of Kosento begin discussing logistics for the makeover.

“Kosen has had very limited dental care in his village in Turkey,” said Dr. Johnson. "We want to give him a brighter smile while restoring his overall oral health. I am assembling a team of the finest specialists in Orange County, including oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, laboratories, EMT, and my own clinical team. Treating him will require us to think outside the box.”

Despite the basic challenges, such as having a proper dental chair and trays for impressions, Dr. Johnson feels confident that he and his team will be able to give Kosen the dental treatment that he needs.

Born and raised near Mardin, Turkey, Kosen’s growth was normal as a child until age 10, when he was diagnosed with pituitary gigantism after doctors discovered a tumor behind his eyes. The tumor reportedly was putting excess pressure on his pituitary gland, triggering the overproduction of growth hormones.

Kosen has stated that his dreams include having a wife and family.

“I feel privileged for the opportunity to help give him the confidence he wants to go after these dreams,” Dr. Johnson said.

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