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Parkell new Web site

Nov. 3, 2010
Site features an expanded selection of products, kits, and refills.
Parkell has launched a new Web site at features an expanded selection of products, kits and refills. They are complemented by the site’s “Knowledge Base”--a central location for frequently updated information about Parkell’s products. This includes technique articles, instructions, MSDS sheets, product FAQs, and more. Updated categories and a user-friendly design make online navigation intuitively easy.The site has several new ordering features, including Order from Catalog, in which a user can locate and order a product by typing in the stock number. Order from History allows users to go through their purchase history, locate a previously ordered product, and reorder it by simply updating the quantity. For users with multiple offices, the site allows more than one shipping location to be saved under the same account for a faster, more streamlined ordering also hosts an online version of Parkell Today, the company’s newsletter/catalog. Users can sign up through the site to have each edition sent directly to an e-mail address with the added option of receiving exclusive announcements about special deals, product launches, and article uploads.For more information, visit read more about Parkell, go to Parkell.To comment on this subject, go to