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Twooth Timer

Nov. 1, 2010
Company also introduces a new Web site.
DALLAS, Texas--With the launch of a new wWeb site, Twooth Timer has also introduced a new blog, Twooth Talk."Our focus is on children’s dental health,” said Antoinette de Janasz, company founder and president, “and we found there were no blogs dealing solely with that issue. With oral health being integral to overall health, it’s frightening to realize that tooth decay in children is reaching epidemic proportions … and it’s preventable. Knowledge is the key.” Twooth Talk is a resource for parents to learn about oral hygiene, ask questions, get tips from dental hygienists and other parents, plus discover new and useful products.In its February 2010 report, the Pew Center on the States cited that every year one out of five children under the age of 18 goes without dental care. This later increases the risks for tooth decay and the costs for treatment. A 2007 study by the CDC found that the number of cavities in children between the ages of 2 and 5 has increased 15%, and the statistics are even worse for underprivileged children. “Unfortunately many children living below the poverty line have no access to preventive dental care but there are organizations, such as Christina’s Smile, that are working to change that and we want to support them," said de Janasz. "To help us accomplish this goal, we need to get a lot of subscribers so we can attract advertisers."Parents and dental professionals are invited to "subscribe and save a smile" at Also available on the Web site are fun and educational free downloads in English and Spanish. These downloads can be used as handouts for teachers, parents and dental offices in need of another weapon in the battle against tooth decay.Through the development and marketing of the Twooth Timer, de Janasz has learned the importance of dental hygiene and its role in the overall health of the body. Through the company's products, Web site, and free downloads, de Janasz hopes to share this knowledge with others and help them achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles.For more information, go to read more about Twooth Timer, go to Twooth Timer.To comment on this topic, go to available from company upon request.