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Nov. 3, 2010
EClaims expands service offerings and introduces new company name, Zyantus.

KEARNEY, Nebraska--For more than 10 years, EClaims, an electronic insurance claims processing provider, has been a source for office solutions.

As growth opportunities in the industry arise, EClaims has expanded service offerings and has introduced a new company name, Zyantus. Though the name change and expansion of services within the software realm represents a step forward, the familiar customer-friendly features and services EClaims has provided should remain the same.

Zyantus will offer solutions for revenue cycle optimization, total office management, and claims processing with speed and simplicity to medical, dental, and orthodontic offices.

SCORR Marketing, a marketing firm and agency of record for Zyantus, executed the steps necessary for developing the new Zyantus identity. Besides the name update, SCORR Marketing has constructed a strategic marketing plan that focuses on a big idea, logo and branding platform, public relations activities, media management, tradeshow coordination, and business tools/educational materials.

“We’re adding several new services, but our highly noted customer service remains the same,” stated Zyantus President Adam Schwindt. “We have established such a loyal client base that we have expanded our offerings to now include not only claims processing solutions, but total office management solutions as well, which will add to the many ways Zyantus assists its clients. Zyantus is an easy, efficient, and economical solution for processing claims and managing one’s office.”

Broken down into two main components, Zyantus offers EClaims OS (Office Suite) and the Zyantus OS (Office System) Practice.

EClaims OS is an electronic insurance claims processing service that includes an electronic remittance advice report, ERA data file, insurance eligibility, claims status inquires and several additional features.

Zyantus OS Practice is a tool that helps offices become more efficient from check-in to check-out. Its overall function is to streamline office productivity through simplified processes and maximized revenue. It assists with streamlining patient flow, scheduling appointments, capturing charges, managing accounts receivable, and can interface with existing electronic health records programs.

Zyantus showcased the new identity Oct. 24-27, 2010, at the Medical Group Management Association 2010 Annual Conference in New Orleans, La.

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