Genesis implant system clearance

Nov. 1, 2010
Biomimetic implant system an advance in esthetic implant dentistry in U.S.

BURLINGTON, Massachusets--Keystone Dental has announced U.S. regulatory clearance of Genesis, the Biomimetic Implant System.

The Genesis system represents an advance in implant dentistry through its biomimetic design--a design inspired by nature. The benefits of the system include the potential to achieve immediate function with a natural-looking smile.This allows the patient to leave the dentist's office with a replacement tooth on the day of surgery.

First used more than 30 years ago, dental implants have primarily focused on restoring the function of natural teeth. Today, the Genesis system goes beyond simply restoring function.

Through its patented BioSpark surface, a nano-surface that mimics the structure of bone, the Genesis system creates a healing environment to help optimize bone integration. In addition, the AnaTite process results in a marketed pink implant collar and a line of pink prosthetics.

The esthetic breakthrough of the AnaTite process allows the system to project a more natural hue through the patient's gum tissue for a more natural-looking smile.

"We are very excited about the many patient advantages the Genesis Implant System offers; it is designed to harmonize immediate function with optimal esthetics," said Daniel Levangie, president and CEO of Keystone Dental.

"The Genesis system combines a patented BioSpark nano-surface design, which is supported by over 10 years of research, with the breakthrough AnaTite aesthetic treatment process. These significant technology advancements are combined with a unique, patented, aesthetic connection that has been in use clinically for more than five years. The Genesis system continues Keystone Dental's commitment to deliver truly innovative solutions to dental professionals and their patients."

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