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St. Renatus technology

Sept. 22, 2010
Needle-free anesthetic draws attention.
FORT COLLINS, Colorado--St. Renatus, the Fort Collins-based company attempting to commercializing a needle-free dental anesthetic, was featured at the 88th Annual International Association for Dental Research General Session Exhibition July 14-17, 2010, in Barcelona, Spain.The event took place at the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona and brought together members of the IADR’s European Region, British, Continental European, Irish, Israeli, and Scandinavian divisions.St. Renatus is undergoing U.S. Food and Drug Administration clinical testing for its nasal mist anesthetic, which is administered through the nasal cavity and suitable for use in procedures involving most of the upper teeth.This new drug product was presented within a poster titled “Nasal Spray for Anesthesia of Maxillary Teeth” by Dr. Fadi Ayoub, a proponent of the technology and full-time assistant professor in the restorative department at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in New York. Dr. Ayoub and his staff administered Phase 1 and 2clinical trials at their university.Dr. Ayoub said the nasal mist grabbed the attention of many members at the event, including the Scandinavian dentists and researchers, who believed the product would benefit children the most because in their countries the government provides dental care for school children from preschool through high school.“I believe it will change how people think of dentistry worldwide. It was evident when the nasal mist grabbed the attention of many members at the event,” said Dr. Ayoub.St. Renatus’ CEO, Steve Merrick said it is beneficial to present at these types of meetings because it includes a third-party review and discussion of new technology. This, in turn, helps everyone understand the science being conducted.“These meetings allow top dental researchers to review many different clinical and laboratory studies and provide feedback on the scientific methods used and the findings,” said Merrick."Dental anesthesia is a niche field and this type of professional review might lead to better ideas related to the technology. It is a positive step to have independent scientists review and share their comments with you."St. Renatus anticipates completion of FDA Phase 3 clinical trials in the first quarter of 2011. Upon completion of the trials, the company will then submit the New Drug Application.For more information on St. Renatus, visit or call (970) 282-0156.To read more about dental anesthetic, go to dental anesthetic.To comment on this topic, go to