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Midmark, Direct Relief donations

Sept. 29, 2010
Equipment donation programs provide medical assistance, improve access to health-care services worldwide.
VERSAILLES, Ohio--Midmark Corporation and Direct Relief International have announced two milestones in equipment donations. By partnering in a long-term donation program, the organizations have donated more than 3,000 sterilizers and 6,000 exam tables to more than 71 medical facilities in 35 countries. Direct Relief, a California-based nonprofit organization, provides critically needed equipment, supplies, and medicines to local health-care providers worldwide. Assistance programs offered by Direct Relief are tailored to each local partner’s needs and provide health-care services to people in rural areas where significant health challenges exist. The partnership between Midmark and Direct Relief, which began more than 10 years ago, was created to build the capacity of local health-care facilities in underserved areas worldwide. Through product promotions, Midmark continues to donate equipment needed for these underserved areas.“Midmark’s donation programs are remarkable because they are the most consistent equipment donation programs in Direct Relief International’s history,” said Anthoula Randopoulos, vice president of philanthropic investment at Direct Relief International. “The programs are also some of our most sustainable, as they ensure a reliable, ongoing supply of medical equipment. It is one of our most scalable and effective partnerships.” Hospitals, clinics, and health-care centers worldwide have requested needed sterilizers, exam tables, and diagnostic equipment to address critical health needs. In the past year, Direct Relief has responded by donating Midmark equipment to facilities in countries including Ghana, Haiti, Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Cuba.“It is truly humbling to partner with Direct Relief in their work to bring much needed medical equipment to people throughout the world,” said Dr. Anne Eiting Klamar, Midmark’s president and CEO. “Direct Relief does more than just provide aid to those in need. They work with local health-care providers to ensure aid donations are matched to the needs of each community.” For more information about Midmark, visit the company’s Web site at read more about Midmark, go to Midmark.To comment on this topic, go to