Oral Health America awards

June 22, 2010
OHA makes a Smiles Across America planning grant to MORE HEALTH.

CHICAGO, Illinois--Oral Health America has awarded a Smiles Across America planning grant to MORE HEALTH in Tampa, Fla.

MORE HEALTH partners with Tampa General Hospital and All Children's Hospital to bring educational health lessons to school children in the area.

"MORE HEALTH is a strong force in both Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties," said OHA Board Chair George Rhodes.

"They have an enviable 20-year record of providing quality supplemental health education, including dental, to students in grades K through 12. MORE HEALTH has built outstanding relationships with the schools in both counties and will collaborate with its other partners to leverage school-based oral health services."

The SAA grant allows MORE HEALTH to work with the Hillsborough County Oral Health Coalition and the Public Health Dental Program through the Florida Department of Health to develop an oral disease prevention program model for schools.

"We hope that at the end of this grant cycle we will have developed a pilot program with the school district's approval to provide screening and sealants to children at high risk for oral disease," said Karen Pesce, RN, executive director of MORE HEALTH.

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