CareerFusion announces guest speaker

June 10, 2010
Livingston Taylor scheduled to speak at the 2011 Discovery Event Jan. 8-12, 20110, in Daytona Beach Fla.

CareerFusion has announced that Livingston Taylor will be a guest speaker at the Discovery Event Jan. 8-12, 2011, in Daytona Beach Fla.

Taylor is a 20-year faculty member at Berklee College of Music, an independent college of contemporary music. Taylor will discuss the ins and outs of stage presence for those interested in public speaking.

Taylor is also known for his talent in engaging an audience. Attendees at CareerFusion will see and learn how to relate better to a patient in the dental chair, as well as audiences large and small.

“We’re so happy that Mr. Taylor has agreed to share his wealth of knowledge,” said Beth Thompson, RDH, OM, owner of CareerFusion. “By having Mr. Taylor at our event we’ll be able to address the communication needs of people who want to continue chairside and those with an eye toward opportunities out of the clinic.”

Taylor will also be available for questions and interaction during the Partner Reception at the event, one of the networking benefits of attending CareerFusion, a career GPS for those looking to express their passion in health care. The corporate partners and guest speakers plan to attend the entire event to help make learning and networking an activity.

“I’m looking forward to attending this year," said James Onderak of Orascoptic. "We’ve supported CareerFusion for the past three years, and are very happy with the webinars and the quality of attendees."

Becky Logue, RDH, of Dental RAT, relays her corporate experience with CareerFusion.

“The focused networking helped us interact with many high end clinicians, writers, and speakers at a level we’ve never had the opportunity to do before.”

Nate Jones, of Xlear, said, “I switched my entire business plan around once I saw what kind of hygienists CareerFusion attracted. I hired four CF attendees for this new aspect of the business and couldn’t be happier.”

A salivary diagnostic company has made it a point to recruit CareerFusion alumni for its education team country-wide.

Taylor’s second book on Stage Performance will be available online and in book stores later this year. He has also written a number of children’s books. His contribution to the 2011 event should build on the experiential learning provided by Katherine Eitel, Sam Horn, and Trisha O’Hehir.

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