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June 25, 2010
Straumann introduces Selecting a Dental Implant System and The Risks of Mixing Implant and Abutment Brands.

Straumann has introduced two new tools designed to educate surgical specialists, GPs, and labs about the importance of placing genuine Straumann implants and the risks associated with restoring the company's implants with other manufacturers' abutments.

What you Need to Know About Selecting a Dental Implant System guides the reader through a series of questions to help him or her make an informed decision when purchasing an implant platform. Considerations such as scientific evidence, manufacturer support and reputation, and implant system flexibility should be evaluated closely.

"Look-alike" implant and abutment systems attempt to copy the original manufacturer's design, but cannot give assurance of equal precision or material quality. Compromises, such as a poor connection between the implant and
abutment, can lead to complications.

Only Straumann abutments are designed and manufactured to fit precisely with Straumann implants. The Risks of Mixing Dental Implant and Abutment Brands was created after observations of abutments and implants failing because of the mixing of nonStraumann abutments with Straumann implants.

This brochure highlights Straumann's patented CrossFit Connection on the implant and abutment, and illustrates how competitor abutments are not designed to fit a Straumann implant.

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