Ultradent VALO rating

June 17, 2010
Ultradent product earns five stars for its clinical performance in Reality Esthetics' testing lab. 

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah--Ultradent's VALO has received five stars for its clinical performance among dental curing lights in Reality Esthetics' testing lab.

VALO’s strengths were described as “small, lightweight, ergonomic and stylish” yet “tough, durable, and scratch-resistant.” A curing light that “cures all materials," evaluators added that VALO has a “cool design, with power to spare, and smart electronics that don’t require a PhD in engineering to understand.”

Reality Esthetics is a publishing company that provides dental industry ratings. Reality’s publications are viewed as an information resource with hands-on reviewer’s guides of tested products within the dental industry.

For more information on VALO, visit www.valo-led.com or call Ultradent’s customer service line at (801) 552-5512.

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