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Vident training

June 1, 2010
Dental technician students at Los Angeles CIty College participate in hands-on training.
LOS ANGELES, California--Partnering with the Los Angeles City College Dental Technician Program, Vident conducted a one-day introduction to dental technician students on CAD/CAM dental restorations, featuring the Sirona InLab system. Vident Technical Trainer Mike McIntee. CDT, conducted the training that was hosted by program directors Dana and Arax Cohen of LACC. The training was mainly a demonstration and a background on the history of CAD/CAM and its evolution on how VITA (Vident is a division of VITA) has been involved from the inception. Using the Sirona InLab milling unit, McIntee demonstrated many restoration projects for the participants using step- by-step procedures. Each student had a computer and was able to scan and design restorations. At the end of the course, a sampling of designed restorations was milled so students could observe the finished product. “This hands-on class is an example of Vident’s commitment to innovative education with quality demonstrations for local students,” said McIntee. “The participants were able to get some real world, hands-on experience that will aid them in their education and understanding in the dental technician field, and Vident is glad to be a part of that.”For information on VITA quality products, call (800) 828-3839 or visit To read more about Vident, go to Vident.To comment on this topic, go to