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Dec. 2, 2010
Sesame members retain greater web site traffic with onsite blogs.

SEATTLE Washington--Sesame Communications, a dental industry pioneer in online patient connection systems, has announced launch a blogging service that allows dental professionals to bring blogs on to their practice Web sites.

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Sesame conducted research in November 2010 on onsite blogging and its impact on Search Engine Optimization and Web site effectiveness, particularly in the increasingly competitive online dental market. Sesame research confirmed that onsite blogging resulted in 32% greater website traffic with users spending 38% more time on the site and looking at 30% more pages per visit.

To that end, Sesame Search 2.0 is now bundled with an installation of onsite blogging software for Sesame members to share in the benefit of additional Web site traffic and audience retention.

Diana P. Friedman, CEO stated, “Over the past five years we have documented a significant increase in the competitiveness of online dental marketing. Social media, which includes blogging, is one of the most important tools in branding the practice and staying connected to current and prospective patients. Onsite blogging increases website traffic and positively impacts search engine optimization by regularly providing fresh content. Sesame Communications is excited to be the first company in the dental industry to bring onsite blogging into the marketplace.”

Onsite blogging is the latest addition to the best-of-class Sesame 24-7 solution suite to help dentists effectively market their practice and stay connected with their patients online. The added benefit of this integrated suite is a consistent practice brand within a strategically authoritative online presence.

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