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Baluke Dental joins SensAble

Dec. 17, 2010
Baluke Dental Studios is a full service dental lab whose two locations serve Toronto, Quebec, Canada and the eastern provinces.
WILMINGTON, Massachusetts--SensAble Technologies, a leading provider of dental restoration design and fabrication solutions, 3D modeling software, and haptic devices, has announced that Baluke Dental Studios of Toronto has joined the SensAble Authorized Production Center Program. To read more about SensAble, go to SensAble.SAPCs create fixed and removable dental restorations for their dentists using the SensAble Dental Lab System, a touch-enabled CAD/CAM system, and are certified to provide design and fabrication services to other dental labs. A full service dental lab whose two locations serve Toronto, Quebec, Canada, and the eastern provinces, Baluke Dental Studios has a reputation for quality and a commitment to adopting leading-edge technology that has attracted discerning dentists throughout Canada and made it a dental lab of choice for advanced or complex cases. SensAble Authorized Production Centers help ensure consistent, high-quality results by using only SensAble-approved design and fabrication methods and adhering to strict quality standards to remain “SensAble-certified.” These SensAble Authorized Production Centers gain marketing exposure from SensAble, and provide a service to other dental labs whose business models support outsourcing digital design and/or production rather than investing in a complete system. As a lab using the SensAble system for its own production, Baluke and other SensAble Authorized Production Centers make it easier for dental labs of all sizes to take incremental steps in transitioning from manual to digital processes and gain the increased productivity, accuracy, and consistency that CAD/CAM provides. Labs can purchase the Scan-only or the Scan/Design configuration of the SensAble Dental Lab System and then send the files electronically to Baluke for designing and/or 3D printing of resin patterns. If Baluke prints the pattern, it can then be returned to the lab for fabricating in the materials of their choice, investing and casting in metal, pressing in ceramic, or injecting a flexible material. Baluke can also provide clients with the SensAble digital design file which can be used for milling at a SensAble Authorized Milling Center. Alternatively, Baluke can finish the job by providing the final removable partials, as well as fixed restorations such as copings, crowns and bridges. “Designing and casting partial denture frameworks is a demanding task, and it’s difficult for many labs to afford to buy and maintain manufacturing equipment for partials if they are only a fraction of the lab’s caseload,” said Duane Baluke, president of Baluke Dental Studios. “We’ve produced cast partials for dentists throughout Canada for years, so becoming a SensAble Authorized Production Center was a natural for us. We’ve used the SensAble system to design and produce both crown & bridge restorations and partials here for nearly 9 months. It’s highly accurate and provides a consistency that just isn’t possible with traditional lost wax techniques, and with a fit that my dentists say is spot-on. Now as an SAPC, we’re delighted to help other labs gain this digital advantage by working with us.” Added Bob Steingart, president of SensAble Dental Products: “Digital dentistry is transforming the industry faster than anyone envisioned, and whether dental labs bring CAD/CAM in-house or outsource, SensAble is committed to giving labs of all sizes a way to realize the increased productivity that digital restoration provides right now. SensAble is pleased to be working with high-quality labs like Baluke Dental Studios, who have already embraced digital solutions and are committed to helping other labs reap the benefit as well."For more information, go to comment on this subject, go to