Slim top choices for 2010

Dec. 7, 2010
Lynne Slim, the Periodontal Therapy columnist, recommended these three 2010 columns.

Lynne Slim, the "Periodontal Therapy" columnist for RDH magazine, recently responded to a request from RDH eVillage and RDH magazine to indicate which 2010 columns delivered her most important messages.

She responded with "Dental hygiene as a profit center" (November 2010 issue), "A peri-implantitis update" (February 2010 issue), and "Laser applications in hygiene" (March 2010 issue).

Lynne Slim, RDH, BSDH, MSDH, is an award–winning writer who has published extensively in dental and dental hygiene journals. Lynne is the CEO of Perio C Dent, a dental practice management company that specializes in the incorporation of conservative periodontal therapy into the hygiene department of dental practices. Lynne is also the owner and moderator of the periotherapist yahoo group: Lynne speaks on the topic of conservative periodontal therapy and other dental hygiene–related topics.