1-800-DENTIST celebrates growth

Oct. 20, 2010
Membership for dental marketing company for consumers and dentists has reached an all-time high.

LOS ANGELES, California--1-800-DENTIST, a leading dental marketing company for consumers and dentists, has reported that membership has reached an all-time high.

The company, which will celebrate a 25-year anniversary in 2011, has increased its member base by more than 25% in a six-month period of 2010.

1-800-DENTIST was founded in 1986 to provide dental practices with new patient leads, and has pioneered consumer marketing innovations that are now standard across numerous industries. In June 2010, the company launched a new Pay-Per-Lead program as a cost-effective option for dentists looking to build their patient bases while staying in control of monthly budgets.

“Our Pay-Per-Lead program is making it easier than ever for dentists to increase their production,” said Gregg Coccari, CEO of 1-800-DENTIST. “We’re providing patient leads for more dentists now than any time in the company’s history.”

Aded Fred Joyal, founder of 1-800-DENTIST: “When we started 1-800-DENTIST, we had no idea that someday we’d be the largest lead source in the country. Our focus has always been on helping our members find more new patients, and that’s what we’re still doing 25 years later.”

In addition to providing patient leads, 1-800-DENTIST has acquired Dental Senders, a Web-based company that offers automated patient communications. The program is designed to increase dentists’ production and case acceptance. It is offered as a free benefit to 1-800-DENTIST members.

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